6 tips for your first bootcamp class

Starting April 1st Bootcamp for Expats. The instructions are in English. So I want to give you some tips for your first class.

1.      The right sport outfit

Layers are the key in your sport outfit. Layers are the good choice, because you can wear one layer less if you are getting warm. Make sure that your outfit is breathable, so your sweat can evaporate. And if it is warm a light and breathable outfit is comfortable. And with cold weather, layers are perfect, because the air between the outfit layers keeps you extra warm. And don’t use cotton for sportswear because it retains sweat and that makes you cold again.

2.      Stay hydrated

This can be done in several ways. First, make sure that you have already drunk enough water before starting a bootcamp class. Second, some like to take some water with them during the lesson so that they can drink a sip during class. Remember that the body can’t digest more than 250ml per 15 min. After the class it is good to drink. For example, put a bottle of water in the car or your bicycle basket.

3.      Eat your last big meal at least 2 hours in advance or a small snack one hour in advance

Your body needs energy (ie food) for exercising. Only you don’t feel comfortable exercising when you’re your body is still digesting a meal. During exercise the blood flow needs to go to your muscles instead of your digestion. That’s why the advice is to eat a large meal at least 2 to 3 hours in advance or a small an hour in advance. The last one is good if you are exercising in the morning

4.      Communicate with the trainer

When you tell the trainer about any injuries you have or had, sports experience or other things that are relevant she can adjust the exercise to your level. This makes the bootcamp more fun for you.

5.      Don’t underestimate yourself

You always can do more than you think. The class is structured in such a way that there are always moments of rest and moments to take a step back. And everyone started with a first class, so everyone knows exactly how you feel. The nice thing about that is everybody encourages and motivates each other. A lesson is always adjustable for each level. I think it is important that you just start exercising.

6.      Show Up

And the most important thing is just show up. Yes, I know … There are plenty of reasons not to go, but afterwards you always feel good and you have enough energy to be able to do things again.

So do we see you at a bootcamp class? You can find the entire schedule here. And Bootcamp for Expats (so instructions in English) start april 1st in Amstelveen/Aalsmeer. More information about that you find here.

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